Here's what people are saying about Afterglow...

"I have been an airbrush tanning technician for over five years now. Afterglow solution is the only solution that I will use from here on out. I was very loyal to the brand I was using before I discovered Afterglow. I thought what I was using had the best color and best feel of all the solutions on the market. I was wrong. Unlike other solutions, Afterglow has a soft, silky, light texture. It dries almost instantly. It does not have that tackiness that every other solution on the market has. I switched all of my clients over to Afterglow products, and they all agree that the feeling of it on their skin alone was worth the switch. 

I also like the integrity of Afterglow. The creator makes small batches to ensure the freshest solution possible that hasn't been sitting on a shelf expiring before it gets to my salon. I also love that it is vegan and gluten free. That works really well for my crunchy clients. 

-Michelle with Happy Camper Tanning

"I've been airbrush/spray tanning for quite a few years and feel like I've used everything on the market. Even the high-end, "best" solutions touted by various salons/techs. To say I'm picky is an understatement so I always had the same complaints about various sunless tanning solutions/products. Namely: the smell, the streaks the unevenness on certain areas like knees, elbows, feet, how long it took to dry and how sticky it felt for hours afterward. I also found the color to vary wildly from one session to the next and didn't like the inconsistency in how it would develop. And, of course, the toxic stuff that can be found in many of those products (didn't know that until pretty recently).


When I started being sprayed with Afterglow I was cynical and expected more of the same, but have been very pleasantly surprised. It dries quicker, applies evenly, lasts longer, doesn't smell bad, can be customized to the exact shade I want depending on the occasion, and is free from parabens and other toxic preservatives. It's a superior, cleaner, evolved product and I am so glad it's on the market and hope it starts being used in more places! I absolutely love it!"


-Amanda P