What Makes Afterglow Different?


Integrity, pure and simple.

Afterglow was a response to a world full of toxic beauty products, of quantity over quality, and disregard for end consumer and beautician health. We strive to be leaders in an industry prone to half truths and mass production and to pave the way to show that integrity should be a beauty industry standard, not the exception.

How Do We Do This?

Small batching product isn't simple or cheap - it's a system entirely derived from the desire to provide the freshest product possible! Adding harsh preservatives like parabens and formaldehyde is currently an industry standard for allowing products to be mass produced and warehoused until purchased. Not anymore! We want it fresh and we want YOU to have it for the duration of its lifespan.

We make our decisions carefully! Quality ingredients, honesty, and customer/technician satisfaction are always the main focus at Afterglow. 

What else does Afterglow have to offer?

So glad you asked! There's so much more!

Number one - we treat our customers like professionals. You'll never see a solution called anything other than what it is-- the percentage of active ingredient. Cute names are, well, cute, but we know you need to know what you're doing and exactly what you're putting on your customers' skin. Not only does this help assess your customers' needs, but allows you to create a custom product when need be.

This brings us into our next topic... bronzer! Afterglow solutions have gorgeous, natural, custom bronzers for each level of product. Your customers will love not looking like a chocolate bar while waiting to rinse! These bronzers are universally gorgeous on all skin types, and look like a natural tan.

Afterglow solutions do contain alcohol in extremely small amounts, as this is what helps it dry in more humid areas. This was a major motivator to include a moisturizing infusion of nourishing vitamins into our solutions. Rather than dryness, our customers rave about how soft and luscious their skin feels. 

Last, but certainly not least, our customers and techs can't stop talking about how odorless this solution is! That's right, a spray tan solution that doesn't stink. We know you don't believe it --  you'll just have to spray it!